AGA releases ‘Responsible Marketing Code for Sports Wagering’

The American Gaming Association (AGA) is taking a cue from regulations implemented in other countries. It has released a set of guidelines for sports gambling advertising, titled “Responsible Marketing Code for Sports Wagering,” which is designed to provide methods for media outlets to employ when advertising sports gambling services and to monitor the impact sports wagers have on society. However, some argue that the code doesn’t go far enough.

The publication (in pdf) mostly concentrates on sports gambling marketing material and its dissemination through social media. One section of the report, “Controlling digital media and websites,” is completely dedicated to the topic. It covers how to protect youth from advertising and messaging while, at the same time, still covering necessary responsible gaming campaign material.

What is missing from the publication is the subject of TV advertising. This is where the AGA differs from other countries. The U.K., Italy, Australia and others are looking to curb all forms of gambling advertising, especially on TV, but the AGA makes no mention of how the activity will be policed or regulated in the United States.

This isn’t too surprising, given the culture of integration between TV and sports gambling that is being witnessed ever since the U.S. Supreme Court dumped the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) last year. A long list of agreements is being formed between sports media outlets and gaming companies, and cutting off their ability to advertise on the TV would not sit well.

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