American casinos looking for more business with NHL

The legalization of sports betting all across the United States could add $216 million to the annual revenue of the National Hockey League (NHL), according to the American Gaming Association (AGA).

In a Nielsen Sports study commissioned by the industry group, it was shown that $65 million of the projected revenue would come directly from spending of betting operators and data providers. Of this, $24 million will come from Major League TV advertising revenue from gambling services, $35 million from sponsorship revenue, and $6 million from Major League data and product revenue for third-party gambling services. $151 million is expected to come from increased consumption of NHL products.

“Today’s announcement reaffirms that legal, regulated sports betting will create significant new revenue opportunities for sports leagues,” AGA Senior Vice President of Public Affairs Sara Slane said.

Overall league revenue is expected to rise from $4.27 billion to $4.42 billion annually, a 3.5% increase, with the federal ban on sports betting lifted last May.

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