Avoiding the news responsibly can do you a lot of good

A lot of the news out there seems pretty bleak right now, making the concept of ignoring it all seem pretty enticing. With all of the obvious danger and political strife out there, it might seem irresponsible, but for your own mental wellbeing, it might be worth a try. Here’s how you can benefit from tuning out, and how you can do it responsibly.

The benefits of ignoring the news

First off, you’ll feel better. The news tends to focus on the dramatic, and although there are exceptions (Covid), most of it has no immediate chance of affecting us.

Secondly, you’ll find you have time for better things. Most of the things in the news act more as a form of entertainment than anything useful in your daily life. If you spend less time on news, you can spend more time with loved ones, work on a project, or simply read or watch more entertaining and fulfilling content.

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