AXES announces the release of space

Las Vegas, Nevada (September 15, 2020) – (“AXES” or the “Company”) announces the release of SPACE – the Social Distancing Application for its Cloud Information Management System. SPACE is free of charge for all cashless AXES clients (smart card and ticket) is now available worldwide.

SPACE empowers AXES clients to designate neighboring electronic gaming machines (EGM) through its IoT devices in each EGM and the AXES Cloud. When a player initiates a gaming session, the neighboring EGMs are made unavailable for play to ensure social distancing is enforced. Once a player ends their gaming session, that EGM is made unavailable and an alert is sent to disinfect the EGM. Simultaneously, the neighboring EGMs are re-enabled to ensure maximum availability.

“COVID has been hard for everyone”, stated Earle G. Hall, CEO of “Economic recovery requires innovation and that is where we excel. Our IoT devices are smart and our engineering team had developed a simple, efficient cloud-based application to ensure that our clients can continue to offer their players the full breadth of their product offering while respecting social distancing requirements.”


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