Becky’s Affiliated: A non-technical guide on how to think of Bitcoin SV

“A currency is only good if it can be spent…the goal is to create a sustainable cryptocurrency that is a viable alternative to fiat…true, tangible utility value”.

These are phrases I pulled from CoinGeek’s “Crypto Crash Creating Credibility, Not Chaos”, written by Erik Gibbs, a short and sweet piece I suggest everyone reads, if you have not already.

During CoinGeek Week and into the weekend I was bombarded with messages from friends and contacts from outside the crypto world asking if they should invest in this “Bitcoin SV” I keep talking about on social media. I totally understand why the natural reaction is to ask this particular question, as the mainstream media tends to focus their coverage of crypto currencies to prices, especially when they are dramatically on the rise (or fall) and highlight individuals who have gotten rich quick by buying crypto and selling it back for fiat.

As a result, getting rich from trading is all the general public really knows about Bitcoin.

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