Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference will reveal prospects and risks of cryptocurrency exchanges

September 23, Kiev will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference 2016. One of its topics will include the development of cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Benjamin Bommhardt, a cofounder and Sales Director at Draglet, will speak within the Fintech section.

Participants of the expert section will discuss three components of cryptocurrency platforms operating: development, challenges and prospects. The speaker will share his opinion regarding the current situation and tell about risks from the perspective of exchange platform owners.

Benjamin Bommhardt is the expert in crypto trading area and cofounder of Munich-based Draglet (the company develops and tests software for digital currencies exchanges). Besides presentation at industry events, he also gives Bitcoin lecturers at Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS).    

The expert section will also include presentations dedicated to cryptocurrency legislative regulation issues, Bitcoin application in the banking sector and Blockchain technologies in public administration.

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