Caesars Entertainment named NFL’s first Official Casino Sponsor

The National Football League has selected casino operator Caesars Entertainment Corporation (CEC) as its first official gaming industry sponsor.

On Thursday, the NFL announced that CEC would become its “first ever Official Casino Sponsor” effective with this weekend’s start of the 2019 NFL playoffs. The NFL said the ‘multi-year” pact was intended to offer “unique experiences” to football fans through CEC’s “casino properties, celebrity chefs, premier music artists and a wide range of entertainment elements.”

Caesars will now have the “exclusive right” to use NFL trademarks in the US and the UK “to promote Caesars casino properties and activate at key NFL events including the Super Bowl and NFL Draft.” This year’s draft will be held in Las Vegas and some of CEC’s Vegas properties will host “elements” of the draft.

The announcement notes that Caesars has “relationships” with eight NFL teams – although it lists only seven team names – including the Oakland Raiders, for whose new Las Vegas home stadium CEC has become a founding partner.

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