Cambodia rescues two Chinese nationals from casino kidnappers

Cambodian authorities have arrested a number of Chinese nationals who allegedly kidnapped and tortured two of their countrymen who couldn’t pay their gambling debts.

On Wednesday, the Khmer Times reported that military police in Cambodia’s southwest coastal city of Sihanoukville had arrested nine Chinese nationals who reportedly detained and tortured two other Chinese nationals who’d lost their shirts gambling at one of the city’s Chinese-owned casinos.

Major Sok Kosal said the accused were members of “a Chinese gang who provided loans to gamblers” at an unspecified Sihanoukville casino. The accused allegedly held the two Chinese gamblers for five days prior to the police raiding a rented home in the area and setting them free.

The major claimed that the alleged loansharks/kidnappers “tortured” their captives “in order to get the money back from the victims’ families.” The report didn’t specify how the victims were abused, but police did seize “two electric batons” in the course of their raids.

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