Can the hidden power of fairies help you win?

Introducing Stardust, the star of our new, medium volatility, 243 all ways pay, 5-reels slot. But how can a little fairy help you win big? They have surprising powers; here’s the story.

Once upon a time, hundreds of green fairies lived in a secret field, where they peacefully played amongst the grape vines that fed them, the willow trees they lived in and the insects they called their friends. The field was surrounded by a wall that they called the “Forbidden Wall,” as no fairy was supposed to ever go over it.

One day, a fairy named Stardust crossed over the wall while chasing butterflies. And she suddenly found herself lost in a dark forest.

There was a queen who controlled this dark world, a queen who would stop at nothing to keep her youthful looks forever. The queen knew that, since the green fairies’ hearts are so innocent and pure, eating its heart would ensure everlasting beauty. So the dark queen had planned to catch one of those fairies for many years, but, despite all her powers, she was unable to ever get over the Forbidden Wall.

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