Comtrade Gaming to Showcase the newest business intelligence architecture at ICE 2019

Comtrade Gaming announces that at ICE Totally Gaming 2019 it will highlight how value through a high degree of real-time retention strategies, enabled by predictive analytics can be created.

“Our product development is focused on the player and creating an environment that delivers the best possible responsible player experience on any given channel. Having the right business intelligence architecture helps us understand players and their needs, attract new ones, engage and reward existing ones and furthermore enhance their experience with one of a kind predictive analytics features,” explains Aleš Gornjec, General Manager of Comtrade Gaming.

Comtrade Gaming will present the latest additions to their online gaming platform iCore. The player account management system includes real-time responsible gambling notifications and alerts and personalised limit setting. There are further updates to the sophisticated bonusing gamification feature – Award Games. Predictive analytics assists the operator to plan, launch and personalize individual promotions, communicate specific messages and award their players before, during and after gameplay. Operators can engage the player with additional retention tools, enhance the player’s lifetime value, control their business better and improve operational efficiency. Betting operators can now launch personalized free bet campaigns that are based on player’s past behaviour.

In connection to predictive analytics data sources, Comtrade Gaming will use new dashboard technology that connects to traditional one and displays new ways to understand and optimize business performance.

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