Cristiano Ronaldo and Dwyane Wade showcase impressive skills with drones to bring PokerStars #raiseit campaign to a close

Team PokerStars SportStar Cristiano Ronaldo and basketball hero Dwyane Wade have ended their three-month #raiseit battle in sensational style by using drones.

Ronaldo and Wade battled it out for the last time in the ‘Aerial Duel’ round of the fun social campaign by PokerStars. Sports fans from across the globe can now see the pair’s final videos, which were posted on Monday and Tuesday, on Ronaldo and Wade’s social media channels.

They have gone head-to-head in a total of seven rounds over the past three months combining impressive sporting tricks while doing everyday tasks.  The videos have now received over 100m views.

The #raiseit campaign embraces the poker mentality of setting the bar high for your opponent, raising the stakes ever higher to push out or challenge your competition, and ultimately aim to be the best. To view all the #raiseit challenges go to

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