Crushing your #LAC iGaming Affiliate Conference Business Goals

The biggest and baddest of all conference is coming up, #LAC. If you have been paying attention in the first few articles, you should be on your way to being prepared to go on your sojourn to the event and kick some goals. Easy right?

This third and final article is about crushing your business goals at the iGaming affiliate conferences. This cheat sheet should help someone out there. It really is a mash of good strategy. Make a cheat sheet of this cheat sheet and bring it with you.

Speaking of strategy, this series was penned with an aggressive strategy in mind. A strategy that is measurable and inclined for results as an affiliate. It isn’t for everyone.

3 Goals

The main three overarching business goals for anyone going to these conferences should be:

1. Try to be +ROI for your business

2. Network and make a good impression with the right people

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