Crystal balls: Calvin Ayre’s predictions for 2017

Before I get into my look ahead at 2017, let’s look back at my 2016 predictions made here on this site one year ago. On the whole, I did okay, predicting a tough slog for daily fantasy sports, more consolidation in UK/Europe and that PokerStars’ New Jersey launch wouldn’t dramatically improve the state’s online poker market. Oh, and I also predicted that James Packer and Marian Carey would go splitsville, but in hindsight, that was basically a gimme.

On the flip side, I erred when I predicted Pennsylvania would join the US intrastate online gambling ranks in 2016, even if one-half of the state’s legislative bodies did vote thumbs up on the plan. I also goofed by putting faith in Australian politicians’ ability to recognize reality and approve, rather than outright ban, online in-play sports betting. Live and learn.


The single biggest development in 2017 is already here and growing in importance with each passing day. Bitcoin officially ‘arrived’ in 2016 thanks to adoption by some farsighted mainstream operators and even the UK Gambling Commission accepted that the ground was shifting under their regulatory feet.

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