Darts, A Great Gambling Property, Becoming A U.S. Phenomenon?

Darts, A Great Gambling Property, Becoming A U.S. Phenomenon?

By Tanner Simkins @TannerSimkins

We talk about a lot of sports as betting gets closer to being legal across the U.S.,  but how about darts? If you catch the new weekly Premier League show on BBC America, you will see scores of signage for gambling houses, as betting on everything and everything in the U.K.  is on the board. How about in the U.S.?

Well the annual darts events in Las Vegas draw big crowds and big dollars, and with over 16 million players in the U.S., maybe the game we played growing up now has a chance to find a new audience. Want proof? This week BBC America, the home to Premier  League Darts, is averaging over 1.3 million viewers a week for a taped show. That puts it on par with some college hoops and even some NBA on Thursday nights.

With some additional fan engagement, maybe a U.S. star and some nice purses, not to mention a line or two that anyone can get when PASPA gets overturned, we may be seeing the birth of a new property, on a channel known for Orphan Black, Dr. Who…and now some unique sports characters!

Now that’s a new kind of March Madness!

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