Doug Polk Breaks Twitch LiveStream Record Winning $162k in PokerStars Kilimanjaro Event

Doug Polk, the self-proclaimed ‘best No-Limit Hold’em player in the world’ has broken the record for the most money won while streaming live on Twitch by taking down the $700 buy-in Kilimanjaro event on PokerStars for $162,000.

Last month, Arthur Crowson over at PokerListings did an excellent job of exposing the poker community to the best poker streams that occupy the digital airwaves over at Twitch Towers. Crowson needs to add one more stream to that list, and it belongs to Doug Polk.

When PokerStars announced plans to host a new tournament series called ‘The Mountain Series‘ my immediate reaction was ‘what’s the point?’ It sounded like an idea that fell out of a five-minute conversation by a water cooler in PokerStars HQ. It was uninspiring. It made no sense. The theme of the series didn’t connect with me as a customer of the site. It would be quickly forgotten. Now, thanks to Polk, it will be remembered for a little while longer.

On Sunday, April 10, Polk took down the Mountain Series Kilimanjaro {9-Max, Freezeout} event. It was a $700 buy-in event. It carried a $750,000 guarantee. Polk took the first prize of $162,000. While that’s a significant amount of moolah, Polk has probably become a little desensitized to such wins during his career as the self-proclaimed ‘Best No-Limit Hold’em Player in The World.’

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