EEG announces major plans for 2017, sets brand architecture strategy

Transylvania, Romania,  December 2016 – After months of debates and planning, EEG(Eastern European Gaming) has announced the plans which will allow the company to make a step forward and consolidate its leading media presence and B2B services across Central and Eastern Europe.

The plans include setting the brand architecture by launching a parent brand which will include all “sub-brands” and developing news channels of news and service distribution.

Along these lines, Zoltan Tundik(Founder and Head of Business) stated, “The services we have launched during our almost two years of activity have become well-known brands in the online and land based gaming industry and are already acting individually by setting their different partnership baseis. I believe the move we are making in creating the parent brand for EEGaming, EEGReport Magazine, EEGEvents or GamblingAffiliateVoice will consolidate the company’s presence in the market as a leader of services and will give much more motivation to the Team Leaders which will govern the brands. I’ve always thought that when the time comes and we shall create the brand architecture, the governing parent brand will be the engine that made all this possible, However, I am certaing that  by creating EEGMedia, all the indepent brands will grow stronger.”

EEGMedia will become the parent brand which beside running its own set of services will incorporate the following sub-brands, owned and run by the company:

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