FanDuel Goes To The Desert For Hoops Partnership

FanDuel Goes To The Desert For Hoops Partnership

by @JoeFav

While DraftKings plays front and center around all the goings-on with the MLB All-Star festivities this weekend, FanDuel will be hooping it up in Las Vegas, according to Jon Lombardo of Sports Business Journal.

“FanDuel will activate at the venues from a branding standpoint,” said Kerry Tatlock, senior vice president of global marketing partnerships for the NBA in the SBJ article, adding that the company, one of the NBA’s newest partners, will use the Summer League as a testing ground for the coming NBA season.

FanDuel joins Adidas, Gatorade, Panini and Samsung as league partners activating around the events at The Thomas and Mack Center.

The activation at Summer League fits right in with the strategy CEO Nigel Eccles has set forth for the company, focusing their marketing dollars and attention on two key sports, football and basketball, as the center for retention and growth. It also makes for a nice extension of all the activity going on around Las Vegas this past weekend, as the UFC again had one of its biggest events of the year, drawing thousands to the city and its resorts, many of whom fit the Fan Duel demo even if UFC is not a primary target for the company.

The week will also serve as a great discussion point for Fan Duel, with many NBA team executives in Las Vegas for casual meetings and other projects surrounding many of the league’s young stars, many of whom will be front and center for Fan Duel during their marketing and activation this fall.

The Samsung NBA Summer League runs for the next 10 days.

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