FlowPlay Introduce In-Play DFS Free-to-Play Model Ready Set Bet

FlowPlay has launched an innovative new game called Ready Set Go that allows users to make in-play bets during football and baseball games in a Daily Fantasy Sports style.

When I was a lad, there was something about the blackened out windows of brick and mortar bookmakers that would have made me climb over 50 naked ladies to get a look inside.

Things have changed quite rapidly in the betting game. The blackened windows have gone, and nobody is interested anymore because they can make a bet with a few swipes of a mobile phone, and the win/loss/draw has become 90+ different options due to the introduction of in-play betting.

These days you can bet on almost anything, and that includes the emergence of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS). Until recently DFS was missing one vital element to make the dish even tastier – a decent in-play offering.

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