G.A.M.E Get Innovative With the Introduction of Protection Poker

Gaming Advancement Marketing Entertainment LLC (G.A.M.E) continues to innovate with the introduction of Protection Poker, a form of Texas Hold’em that ensures players with a 65% advantage, when all in, win at least 20% of the pot.

Poker isn’t broke. It doesn’t need fixing. But games are evolving, as is the level of human IQ, and poker needs to keep up with that progress.

One area that has come under scrutiny in recent times is the speed of the game. When it comes down to the thrill factor, there is nothing more laborious than having to wait an eternity for a player to make a decision.

Gaming Advancement Marketing Entertainment LLC (G.A.M.E) has been paying attention. Earlier, in the year, their patented Action Clock was used during the World Poker Tour (WPT) Tournament of Champions and the feedback from the players showed it to be a success.

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