Gary Platt brings new definition to European Elegance at ICE 2018

New Styles of World’s Most Comfortable Chairs on Display on Stand #S5-200

RENO, Nev. (January 12, 2018) – Gary Platt Manufacturing will bring a new definition to the phrase “European elegance” at ICE 2018. Gary Platt will be on stand #S5-200, where the company will celebrate its 20th anniversary by bringing the gifts of incredible style and unsurpassed comfort to casinos worldwide.

Gary Platt has the largest casino seating footprint in North America, and now the company is poised to make a major push into the European market, through a combination of direct sales and a network of leading distributors, and that push begins in grand style at ICE.

“For 20 years, Gary Platt has earned a global reputation for custom-designing and hand-manufacturing seating exclusively for casinos including slots, table games, poker, bar-top, and bingo. By specializing in casino seating, Gary Platt has become the recognized global leader in performance seating by casino customers and casino management. Now at ICE we are thrilled to present three new styles that up the ante in design and comfort,” said Gary Platt Vice President of Sales and Marketing Joshua Corrick.

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