Goa’s newest floating casino runs aground on local beach

A floating casino has run aground on the Mandovi river in the Indian state of Goa, bringing unwanted attention to an already controversial subject.

On Sunday night, the MV Lucky 7 casino cruise vessel was being towed from Mormugao harbor to its designated anchoring spot on the Mandovi river when the ship got stuck on a sandbar near Miramar beach. The MV Lucky 7 had only just launched on the weekend after the ship’s owner, Golden Globe Hotels Pvt Ltd, received permission to set sail last week from the High Court of Bombay.

Local media reported that the Coast Guard was called to remove four of the MV Lucky 7’s 19 crew members, one of whom was injured while the others were described as being extremely sea sick. The vessel wasn’t due to take on any passengers until it reached its final mooring place.

The MV Lucky 7’s launch was preceded by warnings that the timing was ill-advised, given the arrival of the local monsoon season. Following the ship running aground, a local salvager told reporters said the ship’s crew had taken unnecessarily high risks due to the Aguada sandbar area being routinely closed for navigation during monsoon season.

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