Kostandina Zafirovska: “Diversity should be the norm not a one-off occurrence”

BtoBet’s CSO participates in “Careers and Women in Gaming Workshop”

BtoBet’s Chief Sales Officer, Kostandina Zafirovska, took center stage at the “Careers and Women in Gaming Workshop” that recently took place at the Sigma convention in Malta. Together with other female C-Level executives, the workshop discussed various aspects amongst which how iGaming companies promote and encourage successful women to further their career in the industry.

“I truly believe that BtoBet distinguishes itself in this matter,” comments Zafirovska. “As a company we have always had at our core a policy which makes treasure of the skills, potential, and talent of the person, irrespective of gender, nationality, religion, or sexual orientation. It is inconceivable that in an age characterised by quantum leaps in terms of technology, you still hear unfortunate stories stemming from discrimination.”

Zafirovska further added that at BtoBet diversity is not seen as a one-off initiative. “When you look at our organisational structure you tend to realise how diverse all the levels are. We truly take great pride and value each and every employee, and I consider this element as being one of the major contributing factors that drives our success.” She added that research constantly indicates that there is a compelling business case in promoting equality, with companies with more diverse boards significantly outperforming less equal competitors.

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