Marcel Luske Sues PokerStars Over Rules Dispute

Former PokerStars Team Pro, Marcel Luske, is taking his former employer to court after alleging they agreed to use his International Poker Rules, reneged on the agreement, and duplicated them for their PSLive product.

Poker is a game where you breed long-term success by making fewer mistakes than your opponent, and Marcel Luske should know this better than most.

You don’t leave a conversation with Luske without discussing tournament rules. The Flying Dutchman’s blood platelets look like poker chips. He has been playing the game longer than most of the young wizards have been alive. Throughout that time he has been a staunch supporter for a universal set of rules.

As the Dutchman travelled around the globe, he recognised that rules were different everywhere he went, and more often than not, those rules were biased towards the hosts. There was a need for professionalism, a governing body, and a set of rules that were more player-centric.

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