NagaCorp calls strikes illlegal, insists benefits are fair

Thousands of workers going on strike is never a good look, and how a company responds to it can say a lot. With 3000 employees on strike at NagaWorld, NagaCorp has decided the best course of action is to describe their action as illegal.

In their January 10 filing with shareholders, the operator has decided to downplay the effects of the strike as much as possible. While media reports indicated that as many as 3,000 employees joined the strike, NagaCorp “observed that approximately 500-700 employees participated in an illegal gathering.” Comparing this against their total workforce of 8,200 employees, they added:

“All business operations of the Group remain normal and the Board expects that the above matter has had no negative impact on the business operations of the Group.”

The filing provides a full history of negotiations between NagaCorp and the NagaWorld Union, the representative body of the employees. It lays out the demands of the employees, including increases in pay and benefits, as well as a timeline of recent negotiations.

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