Nevada casino baccarat handle falls more than one-third

Nevada casinos started their new fiscal year off on a downer note.

According to figures released Friday by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, statewide casino revenue in the month of July came to $923m, a decline of just under 1% from the same month last year, although the figure was up 11% from June 2015. The situation was slightly worse on the Las Vegas Strip, where revenue fell 2% to $525m.

Total slot machine revenue was up 5.5% to $600m and baccarat was the month’s top table game earner, although baccarat’s $104m take was down 23% year-on-year on a 12.75% win rate. Baccarat handle fell by more than one-third year-on-year, in case anyone needed proof that the VIP slowdown in Macau has also put a serious crimp in the number of Asian whales willing to make the trip to Vegas.

Blackjack ranked second in the table takings, although its $81.4m was down nearly 22% year-on-year. Roulette was up 55.4% to $35.4m while craps fell 15.5% to $30.2m. The rest of the table chart looked like this; three-card poker ($12.1m, +15%), mini-baccarat ($9.9m, +13.3%), pai gow poker ($9.9m, +2.3%), let it ride (($3m, +10%), keno ($2.4m, +3.5%), pai gow ($675k, -34.3%) and bingo ($545k, -41%).

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