Nevada crushes New Jersey in Super Bowl betting

Betting on the 2019 Super Bowl was nearly as anti-climactic as the game itself, at least in terms of betting volume.

The NFL’s marquee contest was an absolute stinker on the field, but it marked the first time that legal wagering on the outcome was available outside Nevada, so we guess we have to talk about it.

Starting in Nevada, early numbers show the day’s total betting handle hitting just under $146m, around $12.6m below last year’s record. However, this year’s net win came in around $10.8m, a significant improvement over last year’s paltry $1.1m.

One lucky bettor at Nevada’s South Point casino sportsbook turned a $250 wager into $100k by taking a 400-1 flutter on the Rams scoring exactly three points. So if you want to blame someone for Sunday’s snorefest, there’s your guy.

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