Optimove’s Personalized Customer Marketing Platform Goes Real-time

Trigger-based customer marketing campaigns enable businesses to deliver relevant, personalized messages when they matter most

New York, NY – January 13 –  At the National Retail Federation’s Annual Convention and EXPO today, Optimove, a provider of automated retention marketing solutions for customer-centric businesses, announced that it has added real-time marketing capabilities to its innovative retention automation platform. By automatically delivering personalized, highly-relevant messages to individual customers based on real-time activity triggers, marketers are now able to deliver the right message to the right customer at the exact moment when it has the greatest impact.

The Optimove platform already enables marketers to maximize revenue and customer lifetime value by managing and automating multi-channel customer marketing plans using proprietary predictive micro-segmentation technology. The addition of trigger-based campaigns to the Optimove platform enables marketers to respond to customer behaviors as they happen in real-time, in order to dramatically increase customer engagement and loyalty while reducing churn.

“One of the holy grails of personalization is the ability to implement real-time, data-driven customer marketing,” explained Optimove CEO, Pini Yakuel. “By building into our customer retention software a complete, end-to-end system for real-time personalized messaging, we have not only taken another great stride towards achieving the ultimate retention marketing solution, but we’ve also become the first platform to offer real-time retention marketing in such a sophisticated and easy-to-deploy manner.”

Optimove’s real-time messaging capabilities come as an integrated part of the Optimove platform. Businesses simply choose which message or offer to serve to each particular customer persona using Optimove’s proprietary customer modeling technology, and select an event or activity that will trigger the message. Messages can be personalized to individual customers based on their specific purchase history, lifecycle stage, predicted future value, risk of churn, and many other factors, such as in the following scenarios:

When a customer is about to spend more than $75 in a particular product category for the first time, the merchant can offer free shipping if the customer increases their purchase to spend $100 or more.

When a retail customer views three similar products on a merchant’s website or mobile app, but adds none to their shopping cart, the retailer can serve a message offering a discount on any product in the category.

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