partypoker LIVE move into the US with MILLIONS Vegas ‘Special Edition.’

partypoker LIVE will have a brand presence in Las Vegas during the 50th Anniversary of the World Series of Poker, after partnering with ARIA Resort and Casino for a special edition MILLIONS Vegas.

If you want to wear the crown, it’s part of your sovereign duty to climb off your throne and meet your people. When it comes to the pecking order of live tournament operators, partypoker believes they wear that crown, and they are ready to meet their people.

It’s a critical year for partypoker’s MILLIONS armada. They’ve pumped up the buy-in to $10k and made each event a freezeout – both risks. The people will vote with their feet.

Laurels are not made to be rested upon, not in these parts. After a successful debut in South America, it’s time for partypoker to aim their ring towards the mouths of the North Americans, to see how many will kneel and kiss.

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