partypoker prepare for June 17 alias change; Team Online Home Games introduced

partypoker create $500k ‘Race to Alias’ promotion to coincide with their planned alias change and introduce Team Online Home Games.

Maybe you’ve learned that you can’t eat vegetables from the nightshade family, drank a little too much vodka and ended up in bed with your wife’s sister, or performed fellatio on a stripper on stage in the local pub (behind a towel, of course) only to find out that he posted it on YouPorn.

It’s time for a name change; a new identity, a fresh start, and partypoker has the same idea.

At 09:00 (BST) on June 17, players competing on partypoker will be disturbed by a pop-up prompting them to select a new alias. It’s the moment that Chris Moorman has been waiting decades for, the ability to choose ‘Moorman’ as his new name, minus the ‘1’ and with a big fat capital ‘M’. Although, he will have to be quick as the screen names change on a first come, first served basis.

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