PCA Reports: The pilgrimage of the Platinum Pass

PokerStars plan to give away 300+ Platinum Passes, worth $30k each, including a $25k seat in the 2019 PokerStars Player’s No-Limit Hold’em Championship, and Lee Davy explores what it may mean to win one.

I’ve just witnessed by first Bahamian sunset. The clouds got in the way. They’ve been getting in the way all week. But as a violin creeps into my ear and tickles my mind, I feel a sense of equanimity. Balance. I’ve missed the riffle of the chips. The overbearing announcements. The joy. The desperation. The search for free water. And as the concerto fades away into the background to be replaced by the sound of falling rain, I have a feeling the ache of wanting a $30k Platinum Pass will drive me mad.

PokerStars plan to distribute over 300 of the things. $8m+ handed to champions, loyal customers and lucky bar stewards in a bid to retain control of the poker ecosystem’s leash. All roads lead to where I sit. In the Atlantis Resort. The grandest stage outside of the World Series of Poker. January 2019. I want in.

I wonder how I would feel if I won a Platinum Pass?

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