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Berlin, April 20th, 2016 – Cashout ( brings the thrill of currency trading to a general audience through a free-of-charge gaming app for iOS. The app aims to allow everyone to understand the principles of foreign exchange using real-time data and without putting personal money at risk. Via an intuitive interface and minimalist design, Cashout makes it possible for users to dive into the currency markets in less than a minute in a fun and easy manner.

John Krehbiel, founder of Cashout: “Our vision is to make the foreign exchange markets accessible to everyone, and not just an exclusive few. Existing foreign exchange platforms dissuade those interested from ever trying their hand. At the same time many brokers push novices to begin trading with money before they have learned the basics, thus putting their capital at unnecessary risk. Cashout offers a clear solution to these issues by making it intuitive for new users to learn currency trading in a fun and stress-free environment.”

The Foreign Exchange market (“ForEx” or “FX”) is by far the largest market on the planet with over USD 5.5 trillion traded every day. By 2019, the Aite Group estimates FX volumes to near USD 8 trillion a day. In particular, the speculative retail markets have grown significantly over the past years. Today individuals and brokers speculate on trades of over USD 400 billion each and every day.

This is how Cashout works

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