Premier League Review Week 32: Spurs falter, Garde Sacked, and More

This week’s Premier League review see’s Leicester pull even further away from Spurs after another one-nil victory; Norwich hammer a nail into the coffin of Newcastle, and Aston Villa end Remi Garde’s misery.

Rewind the clock 12-months and Leicester City were at the bottom of the Premier League table. Look at them now, peacock feathers all ruffed up, looking down on the rest of the English football league with pride.

Leicester’s victory over a classy Southampton side had all the hallmarks of a team with their ribbons tied around the handles of the Premier League trophy. It was another untidy 1-0 win courtesy of Captain Morgan’s first goal of the season. It’s the Foxes fifth 1-0 win in succession. They could have easily had two penalties go against them, but that doesn’t happen when you are destined to win the title.

“We have everything in our hands,” Said Claudio Ranieri after the match.

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