Russian bookmaker BingoBoom rebrands as BetBoom

Russian sports betting operator BingoBoom has rebranded as BetBoom to better reflect what the company actually does.

On Friday, BingoBoom chief marketing officer Pyotr Kipa announced that the company would henceforth be known as BetBoom. Kipa said the company would spend the next couple months and around RUB200m (US$2.7m) transforming its retail and online operations to reflect the new identity.

Speaking at an event in Moscow, Kipa said the company would recoup the rebranding costs by attracting new customers, particularly younger adults who may not view bingo as the hippest thing on this planet. Russia’s latest bookmaker Bettery is reportedly also pinning its hopes on developing a hip young clientele.

BingoBoom reported revenue of RUB20.1b ($271.2m) in 2019, good enough for fourth place among Russian-licensed bookmakers, although this was down one notch from the year before.

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