Super High Roller Bowl Names 54 Players; Liv Boeree Debuts on Twitch

Poker Central have added a roster of 54 notable players to the Super High Roller Bowl website, and PokerStars Team Pro Liv Boeree debuts on Twitch.

At the beginning of April, the new kid on the TV production block, Poker Central, announced plans to host a $500,000 buy-in event called The Super High Roller Bowl.

The plan was a lofty one. One that would put them on the map alongside the World Series of Poker (WSOP), hoping to produce one of the largest prize pools in the world. The website shows a $25m prize pool, and $8m first prize, although a look at the finer detail alerts you to the word ‘estimated’. But what better way to ensure you hit those numbers than to slap the names and faces of the intended player pool on your website a few months ahead of the game.

They need 50 players to reach $25 million, and there are 54 players named on the site, along with another 4 that seem to be confirmed, but don’t have names next to them as of yet (CEO, French Businessman, Hedge Fund Manager and Retired Businessman).

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