THE DP INTERVIEW: Tom Masterman VP, Business Development at SportsData US subsidiary of Sportradar

THE DAILY PAYOFF sat down with Tom Masterman VP, Business Development at SportsData US subsidiary of Sportradar for a conversation on big data, analytics, and its impact with respect to gaming.  You can find Tom on twitter @TomMasterman

TheDailyPayoff: Tell us about the recent partnership with Nascar and the role of data analytics.

Tom Masterman: Unlike athletes, vehicles are wired from bumper to bumper. Each team is continually optimizing a large amount of real time data. This partnership provides unparalleled access to unique real-time race data, in an easy-to-consume API.

For the first time, developers looking to build NASCAR-related products have a data source. The result will be a host of new engaging products which appeal to broader sports data fan base.

TDP: There are many examples of how analytics influence daily fantasy especially with paid applications. What is the effect now and what do you predict moving forward?

TM: Every fantasy player is looking for an advantage over his or her peers. With our data, projection products like those created by Accuscore and numberFire, predict not only how a player should preform in tonight’s matchup but how an injury would impact the rest of the players season. With the Daily Fantasy industry continuing to grow so will the market for products that predict accurately and granularly.

TDP: What are two unique ways Sportsdata has worked with a property to amplify fan experience?

TM: Our rich NCAA metadata enables BlacherReport to provide quality coverage for smaller schools and conferences. This aligns with BleacherReports’s strategic focus on a customized fan experience. Now it’s not just Duke and Kentucky fans that can feel connected their favorite team’s latest news, scores, and statistics.

With Facebook we have been able to add context to trending topic pages by providing real time scores and in-game images. Facebook is now creating an organized way for fans to socially interact with other people who share a vested interest in the same games, teams, and players.

TDP: What is one property that does big data right?

TM: FiveThirtyEight is one that comes to mind. From sports to politics, Nate Silver’s group does a tremendous job at culling out useful and entertaining insights. They highlight the importance of telling stories with data and making it more digestible for a consumer who wouldn’t normally be drawn to a certain topic.

TDP: In 6 months to a year what are we talking about with respect to sports analytics?

TM: With new player tracking technology including RFID chips and other wearables, we see a future where bio metrics and telemetric data are as common as hits, touchdowns, and rebounds.


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