The Lotter pushing Oregon Lottery to expand international online sales

A proposal to make it easier for people to purchase Oregon Lottery tickets online from outside the United States is dividing the state’s politicians and may have contributed to the termination of the lottery’s top exec.

On June 27, a representative of UK-based online lottery reseller The Lotter pitched the Oregon Lottery Commission (OLC) on a plan to amend two rules that would make it easier for The Lotter’s international customers to purchase Oregon Lottery tickets.

The Lotter made international headlines last December after an Iraqi citizen claimed a $6.4m Megabucks jackpot that he’d purchased online via The ticket was purchased from an Oregon retailer by one of The Lotter’s local agents and then resold at a 300% markup via the website.

The Iraqi national’s big payday sparked much debate over the legality of the transaction, but the state ultimately concluded that no laws had been broken. Emboldened, The Lotter is pushing to amend lottery rules to allow bulk purchases of Oregon Lottery tickets.

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