Tom Hall wins $1m prop bet after losing 12kg in 6-Weeks

Businessman and high stakes gambler, Tom ‘HongKongTom’ Hall, has won a $1m weight loss bet after losing 12kg in six weeks.

Could you lose 12kg in weight if you had the added incentive of winning $1m if you succeed?

It doesn’t matter how many times I stare at that question, or how many different scenarios I create in my monkey mind; there is nothing that would stop me from dropping this weight with that kind of life-changing money at stake, and I wouldn’t be alone.

And I am not fabricating a story. It really happened. A really, really rich bored person, offered Tom “HongKongTom” Hall odds of 10-1 that he couldn’t drop the weight, and Hall snapped up the bet putting down $100,000.

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