What changes will ICO face in Thailand: four experts to discuss legislative novelties at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Thailand will feature a panel discussion: four blockchain experts will talk about ICO regulation in Thailand. They will focus on possible changes and laws related to ICOs, which could be adopted in 2018.  

The discussion will involve three blockchain experts from Thailand and their colleague from Hong Kong. Experts specialize in various sectors and represents diverse companies, thus the discussion will introduce several views on the blockchain regulation issue.

Discussion participants

Sathapon Patanakua (Thailand), MD and Founder of SmartContract and BLOCK MD, a participant of Thai FinTech Association. He is an entrepreneur with extensive experience; a high-tech enthusiast and one of the early blockchain followers. Patanakua has cooperated with leading industry players in financial and healthcare services as well as policy makers in order to help promoting innovative ideas and technologies.

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